Roger Rhodes Music, Ltd.

1. Alone Together (Schwartz/Dietz) WB Music Corp/Bienstock Pub Co 5:19
2. Virgo (Shorter) Miyako Music 5:47
3. The Girl Next Door (Blane/Martin) EMI Catalog Partership 5:05
4. A Child Is Born (Thad Jones) DíAccord Music Inc 6:46
5. Come Rain or Come Shine (Mercer/Arlen) AB Music Corp/S.A.Music 5:51
6. Bye (Aronov) Novar Music Co 6:32
7. This Is New (Weill/Ira Gershwin) Hampshire House/Chappell & Co 6:35
8. Pettiford Brown (Leonhart) Chancellor Music 3:57
9. Como En Vietnam (Swallow) Mayflower Music Corp 6:55
10. My One And Only Love (Mellin/Wood) COLGEMS-EMI Music Inc/Warock Corp 3:33
11. April (Tristano) William H Bauer Inc 4:57
12. Parallel Universes (Leonhart) Chancellor Music 5:00
13. One For The Rhode (Aronov) Novar Music 5:09

The choice of material is rich, and the music is wonderful. Benís approach to each piece is imaginative and sure. He displays an exquisite touch and a seemingly effortless flow of ideas. Jay matches him perfectly. He accompanies with great intuition, takes the lead beautifully when it is appropriate to do so, and his lyrical solos fit with Benís playing the way a hand fits a glove. Bill Crow

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