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The Music of David Van Vactor

Chronology of Compositions

Year Title
1926 Du bist mein
Du bist wie eine Blume
Ht du dich
My Life Closed Twice
Tanz Lied
1927 Gefunden
Haide for Soprano, Violin & Piano
1928 Chaconne for String Orchestra
Tres Rimas:
     Rima XXI "Que es poesia"
     Rima XXIII "Por una mirada, un mundo"
     Rima XXXVIII "Los suspiros son aire"

Variations on a Theme by Beethoven for Flute & Piano
1929 Five Small Pieces for Large Orchestra
Ten Variations for Flute and Piano
1930 How Can I Sing Light Souled and Fancy Free
I Know a Maiden Fair
Overture - Cristobal Colon
1931 The Play of Words
1932 Concerto for Flute
Masque of the Red Death
Prelude for Orchestra
Quintet for Flute and String
1933 Passacaglia and Fugue in D minor
Twenty-Four Etudes for Flute
1934 Overture to a Comedy No. 1
Quartet for Bassoons
Suite for Two Flutes
1935 Concerto a Quattro for 3 Flutes, Harp and Orchestra
Das Nachtlied
Divertimento for Woodwind Quartet
1936 Divertimento for Two Violins and Viola
1937 Symphony No. 1 in D
1938 Five Bagatelles for Strings
Symphonic Suite
1939 Divertimento for Small Orchestra
EL-A-NOY (est. date)
1940 Concerto for Viola
Gavotte for String Orchestra
March for Bassoon and Contrabassoon
Overture to Taming of the Shrew
String Quartet No. 1 in C
1941 Adagio Mestoso for Strings (fr St Qt #1)
Allegretto for Woodwind Quintet
Credo, for Mezzo-Soprano solo, Chorus, and Orchestra
Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
Katzenjammer Suite
Overture to a Comedy No. 2
Variazioni Solenne
1942 Divertimento for Two Violins and Viola
Suite for Two Flutes, No. 2
1943 Fanfare for Orchestra
Symphony No. 2, Music for the Marines
1944 United Nations Fanfare
1945 Sonatina for Flute and Piano
After-School Marching Song
1947 Cantata for Treble Voices
Introduction and Presto for Strings
Pastorale and Dance for Flute and Strings (or Str. Qt)
Recitative and Saltarello
1948 A Little Hymn
1949 My Life Closed Twice
String Quartet No. 2
1950 Prelude and March
1951 Armed Forces Medley
Concerto for Violin
1952 Duettino for Violin and 'Cello
Lento for Violin and Piano
1953 Shropshire Lad
1954 The New Light
1955 O Sing to God
1956 Fantasia, Chaconne, and Allegro
1957 Choral Fanfare
Psalm 19
1958 London
Spring and Fall
Symphony No. 3
1959 Nydia
Suite for Woodwind Quintet
Trojan Women Suite
1960 Inauguration: Fanfare and March (Cantus Inauguralis)
1961 Christmas Songs for Young People
1962 Anthem (Ascension Day Collect)
Choral Response - Jude 1:24-25
Fanfare for Brass
Pieces for Violin (Children of the Starrs)
Suite for Piano
Suite for Trumpet and Small Orchestra (rev 1982)
1963 Brass Octet
Five Etudes for Trumpet
Sewanee Suite
Suite for Orchestra on Chilean Folk Tunes
1964 Passacaglia, Chorale and Scamper
Sinfonia Breve
1966 Economy Band No. 1
Music for Woodwinds
Three Pieces for Viola and Double Bass
1968 Four Etudes for Winds and Percussion
1969 Economy Band No. 2 Song and Dance
Flourish for Brass Quintet
Improvisation and Courante
Jungle of the Soul
Sarabanda with Variations (rev 1980)
Three Suzuki Canons
1970 Louise (Requiescat)
Quartetto per Quattro Tube
1971 Dreamer
Fugue in F (3-voice) for Strings
Suite for Young Pianists
Suite for Twelve Solo Trombones
Symphony No. 4 - Walden
Three-Voice Canon with a Free Part for String Orchestra
1972 Andante and Allegro for Alto Saxophone & Strings
Set of Five
Suite for 3 or 4 Trumpets and Orchestra
1973 Contrapunctus, Canone et Fugae
1974 Canons on Various Intervals No. 1
Duettino for Two Flutes
Five Songs for Flute and Guitar
Holy Manna - Chorale Prelude
Prelude and Fugue in C
Veni Immanuel
1975 Nostalgia
Suite for Brass Quintet
Symphony No. 5
1976 Suite for Brass
Three Songs for Soprano
1977 Fanfare and Chorale for Winds & Perc
Episodes - Jesus Christ
1978 The Elements
Lucky's Tirade
1980 Processional
Symphony No. 6
1982 Symphony No. 7
1984 Knoxville Symphony Orch 50th Anniversary Salute
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