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David Van Vactor: Concertos

The Hessian Symphony Orchestra, Frankfurt, the composer conducting

Concerto a Quattro for Three Flutes, Harp, and Orchestra (1935)

Flutes: Willy Schmidt, Werner Peschke, Karl-Hermann Syfried; Harp: Charlotte Cassedanne-Haase
I. Andante sostenuto; II. Adagio; III. Allegro giocoso
First Performance: Chicago Symphony, Frederick Stock, 1936

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (1940)

Viola: Hans Eurich
I. Moderato; II. Alegro moderato e marcato; III. Larghetto; IV. Allegro giusto
First Performance: Ravinia Park, Chicago Symphony, David Van Vactor, Milton Preeves, soloist. Also Chicago Symphony in Orchestra Hall.

Orion 7024

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