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David Van Vactor: Episodes - Jesus Christ

Dramatic Cantata for Chorus and Orchestra

As early as Easter of 1968, the composer considered writing a choral work based on the Gospel narrative of the crucifixion of Christ. While vacationing at Villa d'Este, Lake Como, Italy, Van vactor began sketches for the piece---taking it up from time to time then setting it aside in order to finish various commissioned works. In May of 1976, in response to a request made by the director of the Knoxville Choral Society, J. B. Lyle, Van Vactor concentrated all of his creative efforts on the new work which, no bearing the title Episodes - Jesus Christ, was completed in March, 1977 and was dedicated "To the memory of my Mother and Father."

The text was compiled by the composer's daughter, Raven Harwood, and is drawn from the four Gospels (chiefly the fourth) and from Acts, Roman, I Corinthians, and I Timothy. It will be seen that the text of the work, though taken from the Bible, is not always presented in the order in which it appears in the Scriptures. Also, there are occasional changes made in the text, which was taken from the King James or Authorized Version of 1611 --- changes made chiefly to suite the singing voice.

Notes by George F. DeVine

I. Prologue
II. Presence
III. Teaching and Works
IV. Persecution and Trial
V. Via Crucis - Crucifixus. Salve me
VI. Resurrection
VII. Ascension
VIII. Glorification

The Knoxville Choral Society with Orchestra, J. B. Lyle, director

Recording Engineered and Produced by Roger Rhodes

WolfRose Records WRC 6101

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